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Mother's Day: A Complete Gift Guide

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Every Mother’s Day, we all feel the same way; that there just isn’t a card or enough flowers that can properly express how much you love and appreciate your mother. She’s been there through thick and thin, all the high school dances, break ups, sporting events, and more. How do you even begin to repay that? Instead of opting for cheap gift sets or another piece of jewelry, try giving the gift of sustainability; something the world’s best mom can use again and again. Here are nine ideas for sustainable Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Facial Rounds Kit

With various color and print options available, our Facial Rounds Kit contains 20 reusable facial rounds, a mesh laundry bag, and a bamboo fiber bowl. Facial rounds are the perfect sustainable alternative to single use cotton items. Cotton balls and pads are not sustainable, and are often cosmetically bleached. Avoid harsh chemicals by gifting facial rounds, and store used facial rounds in the laundry bag until wash day. 

2. UNpaper® Towels 

Traditional paper towels may seem like a kitchen staple, but they contribute to carbon emissions and deforestation. Instead of regular paper towels, gift your mom UNpaper® Towels. They are colorful, washable, reusable, and very absorbent. Use them to clean surfaces, hands, and faces. They’re perfect for everything you would use a traditional paper towel for. Plus, they come in great prints and colors so you can match the roll to your mom’s unique personality and style. Store your used UNpaper® Towels in a Wet Bag, complete with a waterproof PUL lining to protect against leaks and for easy cleaning. Simply add the UNpaper® Towels and the Wet Bag to your next load of laundry. Add in a handmade UNpaper® Towel Holder. Just slide the dowel off of the base, roll your UNpaper® Towels, and slide it back on.

3. Heating Pad and Eye Pillow

Every mom deserves some much needed alone time to recharge and rejuvenate. Make her self care even more sustainable with a Heating Pad, perfect for sore necks, eyes, and backs. We create the covers from 100% cotton flannel, and the flaxseed heating pack is made from muslin and can be removed, allowing you to wash the cover. Heat the pad in the microwave, or put it in the freezer for a cold compress. Or, gift a Linen Eye Pillow, and treat your mom to the soothing combination of organic dried lavender flowers and organic flax seeds housed in a muslin pouch with a removable, washable linen/cotton cover.

4. Cosmetic Bag and Reusable Essentials

Most ladies have some sort of bag to keep all of their toiletries together. But there’s nothing worse than spilled makeup inside your favorite bag. Give your mom a Cosmetic Bag that is finished with a waterproof PUL lining that makes spills so much easier to handle. Fill her cosmetic bag with other essential reusables! Try a Last Swab, the reusable alternative to single use cotton swabs. Last Swab easily cleans with soap and water, and their Beauty version has a pointed tip for your makeup routine. Toss in Polish Pads, handmade from scrap fabric at our warehouse. We felt multiple layers of cotton flannel to create these amazing Polish Pads. Each Polish Pad is durable enough to apply remover to multiple nails, and the stitching around the edge can be used to scrub polish from hard to reach crevices on the nail bed.

Invest in a Safety Razor, so your mom never had to buy those disposable plastic razors again. These eco-friendly safety razors feature a natural jute travel bag and come in an assortment of fun colors. Just replace the razor blades instead of tossing the entire thing! Add to your mom’s skin care routine with scrubs, perfect for sustainable spa nights. Try the Lavender Salt Scrub from Lovett Sundries, a carefully blended mineral-rich sea salt scrub that perfectly softens your skin. Or, Urban Oreganics’ organic fair trade Coffee Scrub that is packed with antioxidants to perk up and protect the skin. The high caffeine content increases blood flow to minimize the appearance of cellulite and small varicose veins. When used on the face, the natural oils and minerals will treat acne and other skin irritations. Top off her routine with a Rose Quartz Face Roller. Facial rolling is relaxing and de-stressing, and has been a beauty ritual since ancient times in China, dating all the way back to the 7th century. Physically, it helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage. Now, your mom has the sustainable cosmetic kit of her dreams!

5. Reusable Tea Bags and Coffee Filters

It seems like every mom has her drink of choice, whether it’s wine, coffee, tea, or soda. But often, these beverages come with plastic packaging or intended for single use. Make her self care or morning routine more sustainable by gifting her Reusable Tea Bags and Reusable Coffee Filters. Our Reusable Tea Bags are made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen, just fill with your favorite herbs for a custom cup. Boil your tea bags periodically to clean them. Our Reusable Coffee Filters are also made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen, and are available in both cone and basket shapes. Before first use, we recommend boiling filters for 10 minutes to prepare them for your coffee ritual. To brew, place one Reusable Filter inside the coffee basket of your coffee machine, and fill with the desired amount of ground coffee. Empty grounds from the filter after use, rinse and hang dry filter. You can store your filter(s) in water in the fridge, or freezer for prolonged freshness, and simply boil the filters periodically to clean. 

Pair your filters with a two tablespoon Mango Wood Scoop, the ultimate sustainable coffee essential. Whether you keep it near the tub to measure bath salts, or use it to measure the perfect amount of coffee in the morning, you can rest easy because mango wood is sustainable! Mango trees grow to maturity relatively quickly for a hardwood, reaching maturity after about 15 years. At this point they begin to produce less fruit, or stop bearing fruit altogether. Mango farmers begin to plant new trees every 7 to 15 years before the older trees become barren. This creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest, with only the less fruitful trees being chopped down for wood. Using mango wood also means that there is less pressure to use more endangered trees such as teak.

6. Hair Towel

Hair is far more delicate than we think, and it should be treated as such! Show your mom’s precious locks some love with our cotton flannel Hair Towel. It measures 22 inches wide and 36 inches long, the perfect size to wrap and protect your hair after a hot shower. Each towel is made from 100% cotton flannel and features an elastic loop, strategically placed to assist in securing your wrapped tresses. Offered in some of our favorite prints, this towel can easily spruce up your bathroom, it travels well, and decreases hair drying time.

7. Market Triangle Tote

Everyone needs a solid reusable bag, but mom’s especially do since they carry so much with them! Gift your mom a Market Triangle Tote Bag, perfect for reducing plastic waste and single use bags. Use them for grocery shopping, traveling, a beach day, or a picnic! These versatile bags are durable enough to last for many adventures, and large enough to house all your reusables. Plus, they come in some fun prints that she will be sure to love.

8. Cleansing Grains Kit

Our Cleansing Grains Kit includes a full sized jar of Cleansing Grains, a tiny scoop, a shallow bamboo dish, and four over-sized, deluxe bamboo facial rounds packed in a waterproof PUL lined cosmetic bag in a lovely floral print. The Deluxe Facial Rounds are made of two layers of super soft, absorbent bamboo heavy fleece and are approximately 4 square inches with rounded corners. Use them as a mini washcloth or to apply solutions. The Urban Oreganics’ Cleansing Grains are a mild, soap-free daily facial cleanser that washes away dirt and impurities. Composed of gentle raw grains and clay, this natural cleanser exfoliates and protects dry and aging skin. Add a couple drops of water to these organic Cleansing Grains as part of your daily skin care regimen for soft, clear skin. To use, simply combine 1 teaspoon of cleansing grains powder with a few drops of liquid and massage onto wet skin. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

9. Build a Makeup Remover Kit

The world’s number one mom shouldn’t be sleeping in her makeup. Put together a few items to build a makeup remover kit so she’s keeping her skin healthy and getting the best night of sleep possible. Of course, the backbone of this kit is Urban Oreganics’ Makeup Remover. This makeup remover binds to cosmetics and gently lifts them right off, without harming eyelashes or delicate skin. It easily removes stubborn waterproof mascara and will never burn your eyes! Pair it with the Deluxe Facial Rounds, made of two layers of super soft, absorbent bamboo heavy fleece. And top it off with a sustainable Makeup Towel. Most makeup wipes are made with plastics and are not biodegradable. Our Makeup Towel is made with two layers of luxurious black cotton chenille and sewn on only three sides to allow the Towel to be used as a mitt. It can be flipped inside out to use the scrubbier side for tougher areas. Use it with your favorite face wash!


These are just a few gift ideas, but ultimately, there are so many ways to celebrate moms. Whether you’re treating her to dinner, gifting reusable items, or just giving a good long hug, take the time to show your mom the appreciation she deserves. Tuck this list away, and save it for upcoming birthdays or celebrations. Moms can never have enough reusables in their life. Make your mother feel pampered and loved while also caring for the environment, a gift for Mother Earth too. What other ways are you celebrating Mother’s Day sustainably? Reach out and let us know. We’d love to talk!

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