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Eugene Health Guide, print and digital article: Zero Waste Living; 5 tips for transitioning to a low-impact lifestyle.

Spring/Summer 2019. Written by Rhea Gates, Aaron Widoner and Sarah Dooley.

Photographer: Sarah Beau Photography

Harper's Bazaar Magazine, web article: The Ultimate "Zero-Waste" Guide for Beginners; you don't actually have to be a slave to plastic.

April 22nd, 2019. Written by Isabel Montes. Image design: Erin Lux.



The Register Guard, BLUE CHIP: Almost-scary growth continues for reusable product makers.

January 1st, 2019. Written by Joel Gorthy, Photograper: Kelly Lyon. 


The Register Guard: Eugene retailers build their brands the Instagram way. 

December 10th, 2018. Written by Elon Glucklich, Photograper: Chris Pietsch.