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How To Host An Eco-Friendly Friendsgiving Your Besties Will Love

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As the poet Edward Young put it, friendship is the wine of life. Take a moment to toast to the friends you call family this November and trade in the stress of an often wasteful Thanksgiving dinner for a more conscious, casual, (and fun!) Friendsgiving. As you’ll discover below, there are plenty of thoughtful, earth-friendly ways to host a stylish and sustainable Friendsgiving gathering.

See Ya, Single-Use

Every year around Thanksgiving there’s a dramatic increase in single-use items such as utensils, plates, and paper napkins. According to the American Clean Energy and Security Act, an estimated 28 billion pounds of disposable plates and utensils are thrown out each year. So say “See Ya” to single-use items and elevate your tablescapes this year with organic materials and refined reusables (see our specialty print small cloth napkins or linen napkins) to give you and your besties a Friendsgiving everyone will feel good about.

Get Wabi Sabi With It

This traditional Japanese aesthetic celebrates the imperfection of natural, organic materials and finds serenity in the stillness of landscapes. By incorporating organic materials readily found in nature, you can bring the beauty of the season to your table.

Add Style With Sustainability

Because sustainable living should never compromise style, add a gorgeous palette of autumn-inspired UNpaper® Towels in earthy and jewel-tone shades to complement natural materials like pine cones, rosemary twigs, juniper garland, multi-colored stones, gourds or pumpkins, or wildflowers.

Less Is More With Decor

Consider repurposing glass jars, wine corks, vintage or thrifted cutlery, or using our Cloth Napkins with Wood or Leather Napkin Rings when setting the scene for an earth-friendly Friendsgiving. Consider going plastic-free and cover your casserole or side dish with our Linen or Flannel Bowl and Pan Covers.

Repurposed & Refined Wine & Dine

We’ve mentioned the waste of single-use items, but food waste during Thanksgiving is even harder to fathom! An average year can see up to 200 million pounds of turkey thrown away, making Thanksgiving easily one of the most wasteful holidays in the US. That’s why Friendsgiving can be better for both the environment and our collective conscience. See below for plenty of simple and easy little ways to host a refined wine and dine moment this year without waste.

Recipe Swap

Rather than everyone bringing enough food to feed a small army, consider hosting a recipe swap with your closest buds. Invite each guest to bring their dish of choice to trade or swap with one another complete with a recipe card for them to try at home. Utilize recycled or repurposed food storage options like our Bread Bags or Beeswax Food Wrap and invite guests to “Bring Your Own” (BYO) utensils!

Pay Homage to Homemade

Homemade ingredients like salad dressings, sauces, or bread are far more earth-friendly than store-bought, packaged alternatives. Cooking from scratch also gives you more control over selecting more sustainable ingredients, like locally sourced organic produce or pasture-raised and grass-fed meats.

A Mindful Menu

A little thought can go a long way when it comes to mindful menu planning. Consider offering plant-based alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, or mushrooms for foods that generally have a lower environmental impact. Minimize (or eliminate!) food waste by using leftover ingredients for other dishes. Buy ingredients in bulk or with minimal packaging, and don’t forget to use reusable containers or bags (we love our Market String Bag) while shopping.

A Celebration to Remember, an Earth to Protect

Celebrate in style and sustainably this season. You can make memories while also being mindful this year with our tips for being an eco-friendly “hostess with the mostest” – because being a conscious consumer never goes out of style and real friends help you be more earth-friendly.

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