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Marley's Monsters Face Mask Project

AVAILABLE NOW - Purchase your Marley’s Monsters Face Mask HERE!


Our face mask production started as a movement to use Marley’s Monsters’ resources to protect the medical professionals on the front lines of our current health crisis. Our community banded together to produce and donate over 2500 masks to medical professionals across the United States.

 As the current crisis grew, we saw a need and expanded our production to make our masks available to our customers everywhere. The CDC has called for everyone to wear cloth masks in public, where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, such as in grocery stores and pharmacies. 

That’s where we want to make a difference! When you are out in public, wearing Face Masks protects others who are working every day to provide us with essential services. Our Face Masks are 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel utilizing a natural fabric on one side, and one of our favorite Marley’s Monsters prints on the other. After working with medical professionals, we’ve come up with a design using ties instead of elastic, which is both comfortable and safe for washing at high heat. 

Be a part of the solution and get your own Marley’s Monsters Face Mask available for sale right now!

 If you are interested in making an order of 50 or more masks in bulk, please fill out this form.