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Bowl & Pan Covers

Marley's Monsters Bowl and Pan Covers are the perfect alternatives to plastic wrap when storing items in bowls and pans. After all, single-use plastic cannot be recycled--so they just clog up landfills. Our covers are a much better choice for the environment.

These covers come in a variety of sizes to fit every storage need. Their efficient and practical design utilizes a drawstring instead of elastic, so they last longer and fit a much wider variety of sizes. Bonus-- You'll save money when you replace clingfilm, and you'll save time trying to match up your storage containers with the right lids.

Marley's Monsters durable cloth covers are comfortable to use, easy to clean, reusable, and wash up quickly-- making them an environmentally friendly solution for protecting your food while storing it. Made of natural fiber fabric with food-safe PUL lining, this durable cover will last through years of washings.
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