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Marley’s Monsters 10th Anniversary: By the Numbers

Marley's Monsters UNpaper® Towels


Green living is a choice that many people are making, and it's not difficult to do. The key is to start slow, but once you get in the habit of living sustainably, your life will change for the better. Here are some important steps to take if you want to live more sustainably. Marley’s Monsters has put our impact into numbers. 


The Why

Before discussing Marley’s Monsters impact, let’s remember why we choose to live sustainably. You can reduce the impact of your lifestyle by recycling, reusing, and reducing. It's a simple concept: if you reuse something instead of throwing it away in the trash, there will be less waste generated by your actions. The same goes for reducing one's energy use; if you reduce how much electricity or gas you need to survive, there will be fewer emissions produced when those resources are used. 

Marley’s Monsters makes products that are made using purposefully chosen materials that stand up to repeated use, with a focus on natural fiber and sustainable fabrics. Marley’s Monsters is committed to helping people buy and use less plastic, commit to reusable lifestyle products, and live more sustainably. By reducing your carbon footprint, you can make small changes that add up in the long run.  


The How

In ten years, Marley’s Monsters has helped thousands of people transform their carbon footprint. Here is Marley’s Monsters' impact in numbers: 

Marley's Monsters Facial Rounds

Marley's Monsters Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds transform your beauty routine from wasteful to sustainable. Our washable and reusable Facial Rounds offer a practical, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to single-use disposables. In 10 years, we have manufactured over 3,227,480 reusable Facial Rounds, which has diverted at least that many disposable rounds from landfills. Repeated use of our Facial Rounds increases the amount diverted over time.

Stop throwing away your money - invest in reusables.


Washable Sponge

Marley’s Monsters Washable Sponges are reusable; disposable sponges have a negative environmental impact because they are disposable and have a limited life span - an estimated 400 million are thrown away each year in the US alone. In response, we designed our Washable Sponge (a reusable swap that can be laundered in the dishwasher or with the normal wash). We have manufactured over 107,000 Washable Sponges in the last 5 years which has diverted at least that many disposable sponges from the landfill. Repeated use of our Washable Sponges increases the amount of waste diverted over time.

The average household throws away 24 disposable sponges every year; these end up in our rivers, streams, and oceans. Switching to a Marley’s Monsters Washable Sponge can have a big environmental impact over time.


Marley's Monsters UNpaper® Towels

How do UNpaper® Towels impact the environment? Each year, paper towel consumption contributes to over 6M pounds of waste in the US alone. A single roll of Marley’s Monsters UNpaper® Towels (24 count) can replace up to 72 rolls of paper towels a year. We have manufactured over 5M sheets of UNpaper® Towels since launching the product a decade ago. This has prevented at least 15M rolls of paper towels from reaching landfills. This equates to saving 132,796 trees from being harvested for paper production - three and a half times more than the length of the Grand Canyon and 250 times higher than Mount Kilimanjaro. Plus, the production of paper towels consumes roughly 15M gallons of water (a year), which is enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool 250 times over! An investment in one (24 count roll) of UNpaper® Towels can save you up to $800 a year and countless environmental resources. We still have time to turn things around if we all make an effort to ditch single-use paper for eco-friendly alternatives like UNpaper® Towels. #ThinkReusable for our future.

Stop throwing away money on disposables and invest in a brighter tomorrow with UNpaper® Towels.


 Toilet UNpaper®

The environmental advantages of Marley’s Monsters Toilet UNpaper® are impressive. Since launching, we have manufactured over 12,000 rolls (24 count) of Toilet UNpaper®. One roll of Toilet UNpaper® can replace up to 20 disposable toilet paper rolls, with repeated use. On average, Americans use 86 rolls of disposable toilet paper each year. A single roll takes roughly 37 gallons of water, 1.3 kilowatt/hours (KWh) of electricity and 1.5 pounds of wood to produce. By choosing a reusable option like Toilet UNpaper®, you can conserve over 3,000 gallons of water, 111.8 kilowatt/hours (KWh) of electricity and 129 pounds of wood a year.

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