Sustainable Kitchen Starter Kit: Surprise Prints

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Bundle and save and make sustainability at home easy with Marley's Monsters eco-friendly Sustainable Kitchen Starter Kit. A handy roll of UNpaper® Towels pairs with a Scrap Felt Dish Cloth and a Mesh Laundry Bag to get you started on your zero waste journey. 

What's in the Sustainable Kitchen Starter Kit?
  • Rolled UNpaper® Towels - 6 count roll 
  • Scrap Felt Dish Cloth 
  • Mesh Laundry Bag - Large


  • 6 UNpaper® Towels in Surprise Prints
  • Rolled on Kraft Paper Tube

UNpaper® Towels are compatible with most paper towel holders.

  • Each UNpaper® Towel is 12" x 10"
  • Single-ply 100% cotton flannel
  • Edges are sewn for durability and to prevent fraying
  • Absorbency increases after the first few washes
  • UNpaper® Towels naturally cling together, and roll up on a tube without the need for snaps

CARE + WASHING: Wash before use. After they've been washed, simply stack them up and re-roll one at a time. Collect the dirties in a bin or Wet Bag. Machine wash warm with like colors. Tumble dry low. Use non-chlorine bleach. Low iron as needed.

Each Scrap Felt Dish Cloth is unique, totally upcycled and super versatile. This truly multi-purpose cloth acts similar to a Swedish Dish Cloth, but you can wash and dry it  with your normal laundry and it won't break down like cellulose. Absorb spills, polish silver or scrub counters!

  • Measures approximately 7" x 8"
  • Each dish loth is made from multiple layers of 100% cotton flannel that have been felted together
  • Edges are sewn for durability

Washing instructions: Wash in the dishwasher or machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low or air dry.

MESH LAUNDRY BAG: Mesh Laundry Bags are specially designed for washing delicate or small items in the washing machine. They are made from a durable, breathable mesh material that allows water and detergent to pass through while protecting the contents from damage or tangling during the wash cycle. 

  • Large Mesh Laundry Bag measures 12" x 15”
  • Great for UNpaper® Towels and Cloth Wipes
  • Fits perfectly inside our Wet Bag 

CARE + WASHING: Machine wash warm with like colors, dry in dryer. 

All items are handmade by Marley's Monsters in Eugene, Oregon.