Pooch Paper Pouch

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We were so thrilled to discover Pooch Paper, (a plastic free option for cleaning up dog waste), that we developed a handy carrying pouch to store the papers while on-the-go. The pouch allows for easy access to the sheets of Pooch Paper and has a carabiner to hang from a leash or belt loop. The stainless steel clip is perfect to hold your filled Pooch Paper until you find a trash or compost bin.

To Refill: Lay the pouch flat and slip Pooch Papers in the open middle slot. When the pouch is folded in half, you can use the elastic strap to hold it together either open (for easier access) OR closed.

This listing includes:

  • 10 individual large Pooch Papers
  • Pooch Paper Pouch
  • Caribiner
  • Clip for filled Pooch Paper

Product Feature:

  • 8" x 7.5" unfolded / 8" x 4" folded
  • Fits Large Pooch Paper perfectly
  • Carabiner from twill tape loop
  • Stainless Steel clip attached to carabiner for Pooch Paper
  • Elastic strap to hold pouch in half
  • Easy access opening
  • Made of 100% cotton (muslin lined, print outside)


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