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Begin your sustainable journey with us!

We provide sustainable solutions for every area of your life and home. Start your morning with Reusable Coffee Filters, wipe up spills with UNpaper® Towels and clean with a Washable Duster. Change your routine and you might be surprised how much you love the reusable lifestyle. We make reusable products that reduce waste, cut costs, replace single use disposables and make a positive impact on our environment. Ditching single-use doesn’t mean you have to ditch what makes you, you. We offer handmade reusables in a large variety of prints and colors to encourage sustainable living that promotes your unique personality and style, making it possible to live colorfully and tread lightly.
Marley's Monsters is a woman owned, US manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon, with a mission to provide simple products that inspire and empower sustainable living. It all started in 2013, when our founder and President, Sarah Dooley, was on maternity leave from her career as an interior designer, and waiting for the arrival of her first baby, Marley. Before Marley’s birth, Sarah dusted off her sewing machine and got to work creating her first monster out of fabric scraps she had collected. It had been years since she had made anything, but with hard work, dedication, and trial and error, Sarah eventually went on to launch her own business, Marley’s Monsters, all centered around reusability and sustainability.

As Sarah's shop grew, she realized her passion for being a maker while taking care of Marley was worth pursuing. In 2014, she left her job behind and was able to invest in Marley’s Monsters full time. At first, it was a small, one man operation based out of her house. Now, almost ten years later, Sarah runs a company with over 70 employees, has been featured on major media outlets like The View, Forbes, and Refinery 29, and sells sustainable products internationally. It has become an entire family venture for the Dooleys too. In 2016, they welcomed their second child, Fox. And in 2017, Sarah’s husband, Chad, became involved full time too, developing and producing wooden items as the head of the woodshop and Vice President of the company. 

Through having two children in a world full of disposables, Sarah and Chad realized the importance of reducing waste with multi-functional products from both an environmental and financial aspect. Marley’s Monsters offers handmade reusables intentionally designed to ensure durability, premium quality, and environmental consciousness. Our motto is “Live Colorfully, Tread Lightly.” By reusing sustainable alternatives like UNpaper® Towels, you can minimize your carbon footprint, save trees and bring fun and color to your home. With proper care, UNpaper® Towels can last for many years making them a great investment. When you think reusable, each small change can add up to make a big difference! 

Over the last year we have had the opportunity to build a wonderful team to facilitate in-house production, and we wouldn't be here today without every single one of these team members! We ensure our employees are treated with kindness and respect, have access to fair compensation and benefits, and their achievements are celebrated. We have way too much fun every day, but our most important task is to hand-make the highest quality product for our customers. Thank you for making such a positive impact on our environment! #thinkreusable

Our Retail Store

You can find our EcoShop at 5th Street Public Market Alley at 550 Pearl St., Ste 160, Eugene OR, 97401

Marley's Monsters fabric and wood goods are proudly handmade in Eugene, Oregon. Our main facility, located in West Eugene, houses our fabric goods production including cutting, sewing, packaging and shipping. Our woodshop, located in the Whitaker Neighborhood, houses our wood goods production from raw material to finished and oiled.


TOP EMPLOYER: ECO-FRIENDLY/GREEN BUSINESS WINNER 2022: This award recognizes The Register-Guard Readers' Choice Award for Top Employer: Best Eco-Friendly/Green Business in Lane County. Click here to learn more. 

BOLD STEPS AWARD WINNER 2021: This award recognizes Eugene-based sustainable businesses and is supported by a partnership between The City of Eugene, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis, and BRING's rethink business program. Click here to learn more! 

ARTS & BUSINESS ALLIANCE OF EUGENE 2020 ARTS & BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP AWARD:  This award recognizes innovative arts-business partnerships that positively impact the community, serve as a model for others, and effect significant mutual benefits for all parties involved. This award recognized the success of our local partnership with ENVIA Fashion to reduce our scrap waste by developing new handmade goods created by upcycle designer Mitra Gruwell. Click here to learn more! 

OREGON STATE VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNCIL AND VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION AWARD 2020 : This award was received in recognition of our commitment to the mission of assisting Oregonians with disabilities to find and maintain employment. Click here to learn more! 

PEARL BUCK CENTER COMMUNITY PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2019 : "For seeing the potential in each individual and providing support and training to help them reach their employment goals" This award was earned because of our successful partnership with the Pearl Buck Center, who provides support to individuals with a range of intellectual disabilities and their families. Click here to learn more! 



We are proud to be a BRING rethink sustainable business.

Our sustainability mission is to implement creative and effective solutions to reduce our environmental impact. As a local manufacturer of reusable homegoods, we've always kept sustainability in mind with our daily operations and production. The BRING rethink program made us realize we have an opportunity as a local manufacturer to create lasting and impactful change in the industry.

We're on the right track; we reuse and reduce so we have less to recycle in the first place and we're excited to keep improving.

Current practices:

  • We package and ship our products plastic-free, using recyclable and compostable materials instead
  • Efficient design helps us maximize fabric use, reducing our waste dramatically. Our core products are made with rounded corners to reduce scraps and we often design products from the scraps of existing ones. For example, our Washable Dusters are made with Cloth Wipe scraps!
  • We #thinkreusable. Our break rooms only have reusable dishes and flatware. Our facility is stocked with reusable hand towels, UNpaper® towels and housemade hand soap
  • We divert our fabric waste by donating scraps to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County and ENVIA Fashion where they are upcycled into new products like jewelry, hair accessories and more
  • We use industrial felting machines to felt layers of scrap that comes off our cutting table into Scrap Felt that we use for products like Dish Cloths, Scrubbers and Tote Bags. This process takes our goal of zero waste manufacturing a huge step forward.

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Customer Service/General Inquires: customerservice@marleysmonsters.com
Marketing: marketing@marleysmonsters.com
Wholesale: wholesale@marleysmonsters.com
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