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Utensil Wrap

Utensil Wrap

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We designed the perfect travel wrap for reusable utensils so you can say "no, thank you" to plastic, one time use straws, silverware and napkins, wherever you go.

Wrap (laid open and flat) is 10" wide by 12" tall

Fill with flatware, art supplies, or craft tools to create your essential travel wrap.

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Wrap + Utensils, which Includes:

  • Utensil Wrap
  • 3 piece bamboo cutlery
  • 1 pair bamboo chopsticks
  • 2 bamboo straws
  • 1 straight stainless steel straw
  • 1 straw cleaner
  • 1 UNpaper® Towel

Utensil Wrap Specifications:

  • Front pockets includes: 3x 1.5" wide slots and 4x 1" wide slots. Perfect sizing to fit all your on-the-go essentials.
  • Middle pocket includes: one 10" wide pouch perfect for cloth wipes or UNpaper® towels.
  • Large inside pocket includes a built-in wet bag! Lined with a waterproof PUL, you can slide all the dirty things right in and easily wipe clean after use.
  • Interior PUL is white, strap ties are ivory.

LOAD UP YOUR WRAP! Items to store in your wrap: straws, cutlery, baby silverware, straw cleaning brush, toothbrushes, chopsticks, napkins, UNpaper® towels, cloth wipes. Slots in front pocket will hold multiple pieces. Additional pieces can be stored with napkins in the wider pouch. Get creative! Use your wrap for makeup brushes or art supplies!

Add additional bamboo cutlery HERE

Add additional bamboo straws HERE

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