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Shaving Accessory Kit

Shaving Accessory Kit

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This kit offers a minimalist approach to shaving and is "everything but the razor'. The grey bamboo fibre storage box holds an organic, unisex shave bar and a natural loofah disk. Prep your skin for shaving by exfoliating with the loofah first - and store your shave bar in, or on the storage box.

Choose from the Complete Kit OR Shave Soap ONLY in the swatch menu.

Want to complete this set? Add the new, triple blade, rotating head, zero-waste razor from LEAF SHAVE and BODY FOOD from Urban Oreganics.

Kit Components

  • Bamboo Fibre Storage Box - Grey
  • A Wild Soap Bar - Shave Bar
  • Natural Loofah Disk

Component Info

  • Bamboo Fibre Storage Box - Grey

This simple storage box is made with bamboo fibre and offers an alternative to traditional plastic bed and bath accessories. This small storage boxes has a removable lid with a hole in the middle, making it easy to clean and versatile.

BPA, PVC and Phthalates free - Dishwasher safe (recommend washing at 70°C / 160°F)Dimensions: W 3 3/4 x H 2 1/4 in

*While Bamboo Fibre products are very durable and long-lasting, this eco-friendly material is not unbreakable. It can shatter like ceramic or glass if dropped at a bad angle on a hard floor, a chip or crack may occur.

  • A Wild Soap Bar - Sassafras Shave Bar

This traditional spicy unisex shaving soap is formulated with coconut oil, castor oil, calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), aloe and extra glycerin to generate a rich lubricated lather. It protects and softens for a close and comfortable shave, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.

Use, place shave bar into dish or cup (or the bamboo fibre container in this kit), and rub with your favorite shave brush. Or lather it directly onto moistened skin. For best results, soften the surface of the soap with a teaspoon of hot water for 10 minutes prior to your lathering regimen.

3.25 oz. bar boxed in recyclable cardboard

Made in Manor, Texas

    • Natural Loofah Disk

    Single 3.5 inch wide natural loofah disk. Perfect for facial exfoliation or try it as a soap saver under a bar of soap. Loofah should be allowed to dry completely between uses. 100% natural and biodegradable and should be replaced every 1-2 months or as needed. Made in China

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