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Scoop: Mango Wood Handle 2t

Scoop: Mango Wood Handle 2t

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There are times when you need a fancy 2 Tablespoon scoop. When that time comes, grab this elegant mango wood handled one! Whether you keep it near the tub to measure bath salts, or use it to measure the perfect amount of coffee in the morning, you can rest easy because mango wood is sustainable!

Mango trees grow to maturity relatively quickly for a hardwood, reaching maturity after about 15 years. At this point they begin to produce less fruit, or stop altogether.

Mango farmers begin to plant new trees every 7 to 15 years before the older trees become barren. This creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest, with only the less fruitful trees being chopped down for wood.

Using mango wood also means that there is less pressure to use more endangered trees such as teak.

Scoop is plated stainless steel. Sourced domestically, made in China.

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