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Jumpstart Your Sustainable Journey

Our everyday lives are full of small things we do that can do to live more sustainably. We instinctively reach for paper and plastic when they can easily be replaced by reusables alternatives. That's where Marley's Monsters can help!

Switch to UNpaper®

Our line of UNpaper® products help make the swap away from single-use items easy! It's as easy as starting with one of washable, reusable UNpaper® Towels. They roll up on any paper towel roll, and you've already begun reducing the amount of paper waste you are creating every day. Our UNpaper® Towels are handmade in Eugene, Oregon, and are created from 100% cotton flannel, making them absorbent and easy to roll up.

With UNpaper® Towels in your kitchen, messy clean up is easier than ever. Add your UNpaper® Towels to your next load of laundry and tumble dry so they'll be ready for the next unexpected spill. Once you make the switch away from paper, you'll wonder why you ever used paper at all!

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

A more sustainable lifestyle starts with small changes. An easy small change you can make today is adding reusable Facial Rounds into your daily beauty routine. Our Facial Rounds are washable and reusable, making them the perfect alternative to disposable cotton rounds and cotton balls.

This simple swap can save thousands of cotton balls from reaching the landfill and save you money in the long run.

 Remove Plastic From Lunchtime

Don't let the name deceive you, Sandwich Wraps are a favorite of ours because they are so much more than just a Sandwich Wrap! We like to get creative and fold them up for an improvised snack bag for things like nuts and granola. You can also fit other leftovers in them like pizza or burritos.
They are an excellent all-around replacement for situations that call for plastic wrap or bags!

And More!

The beauty of starting your sustainable journey is that after you begin making changes, you'll naturally start looking for ways to reduce your waste! We've thought of it all already, so visit our online shop now to get started.

Whether it's replacing single-use plastic bags in the kitchen with our Snack Bags, or adding a set of Cloth Napkins to your kitchen to use and reuse, you'll find it at Marley's Monsters.

and jumpstart your sustainable journey now





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