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Tips for a Sustainable Game Day

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It’s that time of year again. And football fans from all over are preparing for football season. When it comes to hosting a pre-game party you might not be thinking about ways you can live more sustainably, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. 

However, gatherings can also produce a lot of waste from single use products. At Marley’s Monsters, we believe in fully enjoying the game, but protecting the environment in the meantime. So today, we are going to share some eco-friendly alternatives to creating a winning game plan to make your game day more sustainable.

1. UNpaper® Towels

One of the biggest contributors to waste is single use paper products like traditional paper towels. Instead, make the swap to UNpaper® Towels, the washable and reusable alternative that can be used year round. They are perfect for dinners, cleaning counters, and hosting get-togethers. Plus, you can wash them in your normal laundry cycle and roll them back up on a Kraft tube to store just like paper towels.

2. Bowl and Pan Covers

It feels like food storage and plastic wrap go hand in hand. Luckily, we developed the perfect alternative for your holiday leftovers. Washable and reusable Bowl and Pan Covers have a PUL lining to protect against leaks and spills, and come in various sizes. Our Bowl and Pan Covers are unique because the design utilizes a cord stop and drawstring. Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size.

3. Washable Sponge

When wiping down the countertops, outside furniture, or dining room table after a get together, avoid the plastic sponges and make the swap to a Washable Sponge. When it’s ready for a deep clean of its own, you can wash in your normal laundry cycle, or toss it right in the dishwasher. Plus, they come in a variety of fun prints to add a pop of color to your kitchen. We suggest keeping a few on hand so you always have one available while you rotate them through the wash.

4. Stasher Bags

Another way to store leftovers without plastic is Stasher Bags. Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, Stasher Bags are the perfect way to keep leftovers or take food to go. One of our favorite tips is to use Stasher Bags for marinating meat when grilling on holidays. They can also double as makeup bags, or for toting crayons and markers. They seal up and act just like regular plastic bags, except they are washable and reusable for years to come.

5. Reusable Straws

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or picking up a coffee on your lunch break, reusable straws are the perfect way to reduce single use plastic waste. Keep an assortment of reusable straws near your party drink station, or keep one in a Straw Pouch to make it easy to carry on the go. Each pouch comes with a removable interior wet bag to keep your dirty straws separate from the clean ones. The wet bag snaps in and out, making it easy to remove and wash. 

These are just a few suggestions for making your game day festivities more sustainable. In addition to these, try to avoid plastic cups, paper plates, and opt for as many reusable alternatives as possible. Ultimately, no one is perfectly sustainable all the time, but by introducing a few simple swaps we can collectively reduce our impact. How else are you celebrating game day sustainably? Reach out and let us know! We’d love to talk.

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