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Sustainable Travel Tips

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Leaving town doesn’t mean that you have to leave sustainability at home too. Even though staying sustainable on the go can be difficult, it’s certainly not impossible. Whether you have a vacation coming up, or an overnight business trip, here are some tips for staying sustainable while you travel.

1. Break Out Your Wet Bag

When traveling, it’s hard to know what to do with dirty clothes, much less dirty reusables that can have beauty products or other liquids on them. This is the perfect time to break out your Wet Bag to store dirties like wet swimwear, dirty gym clothes, used facial rounds, and more! The exterior is 100% cotton in a variety of colors and prints, and the intorier is lined with waterproof PUL lining to protect against leaks and for easy clean up. Simply add to your next load of laundry.

2. Carry Your Cosmetic Bag

There’s nothing worse than finally getting to your destination after a long day of travel and unzipping your suitcase to a mess of exploded cosmetics and hair products. Avoid the mess by investing in a Cosmetic Bag. Essentially a smaller version of the Wet Bag, it is also made with a 100% cotton exterior, and finished with a waterproof PUL lining to ensure your suitcase stays clean and dry. Keep your toiletries, make up, and travel sized items neatly organized, and find your favorite colors and prints to travel in style.

3. Say “No, Thank You,” To Single Use Straws

It seems like single use items are everywhere you look, especially when you travel. Plastic straws are a major culprit of pollution in waterways and ecosystems, putting environments and wildlife in danger. Say “no, thank you,” to single use plastic straws when you bring your own reusable straw in a Straw Pouch. Each pouch comes with a removable interior wet bag to keep your dirty straws separate from the clean ones. The wet bag snaps in and out, making it easy to remove and wash. Choose from a number of prints and colors so that you can sip your favorite beverage sustainably on the go.


One of the easiest ways to start your sustainability journey is to start bringing your own bags wherever you go. It reduces the amount of plastic and paper bags you might need, while also giving you plenty of space to tote along your travel necessities. Try a Market Triangle Tote, durable enough to last for endless adventures, and big enough to store all your reusables. Use it as a carry on during a plane trip, a day at the beach, or for grocery shopping. Truly, reusable bags will always be a sustainable staple.

5. Bring On The Bamboo

Travel toiletries tend to be cheap, single use, and plastic, making them unsustainable and a contributor to waste. Instead of relying on your traditional plastic toothbrush, make the swap to a Bamboo Toothbrush, and store it in a Bamboo Toothbrush Holder. They are available in adult and kid sizes so the whole family can stay sustainable on the go. Bamboo is biodegradable when used in raw form, and has a smaller ecological footprint. In addition, skip the plastic and waste that comes with toothpaste tubes, and try Unpaste Tooth Tabs, the perfect sustainable solution for your oral care routine. Simply crush the tab between your teeth and brush like usual. 

Of course, this is just the beginning of traveling sustainability, but it does give you a good place to start. Simply being conscious of the products you use and the waste you produce goes a long way. How else do you stay sustainable on the go? Let us know, we’d love to talk!

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