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New Year's Resolution

greenliving low waste marley's monsters minimalism New Year's Resolution

It's the time of year, where we do a little introspection and evaluate our lives. A resolution is an opportunity to set goals and make small changes to your lives that can lead to making a significant impact on the environment. If sustainability has been on your mind, take the time now to plan ahead and use these tips to help you start a sustainable routine that you can stick to in the New Year!

1. Kitchen

Single-use paper and plastic are prevalent in our kitchens today. A few simple swaps will help you on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle!

  1. UNpaper® Towels - Alternative for paper towels
  2. Bowl Covers - Alternative for plastic cling wrap
  3. Cloth Napkins - Alternative for single-use paper napkins
  4. Washable Sponge - Alternative for disposable plastic sponges

2. Bathroom

Making your bathroom a little more eco-friendly can be easy with a few swaps. Start with your beauty routine!

  1. Facial Rounds - Alternative for disposable cotton rounds and balls
  2. Cloth Wipes - Alternative for disposable wet wipes and baby wipes
  3. Wet Bag - An invaluable companion to a sustainable lifestyle for storing your reusables
  4. Toilet UNpaper® - Alternative for disposable toilet paper, great when paired with a bidet


3. Living Room

Plastic and disposable paper products have subtley made a place in our living rooms because of the convenient nature. With a little planning, reusables can be just as convenient.

  1. Cloth Wipes in a Jar - Alternative for tissues or wet wipes
  2. All Purpose Towels - Alternative for microfiber towels
  3. Washable Pail Liner - Alternative for disposable plastic trash bags
  4. Washable Duster - Alternative for single-use dusters heads and plastic handles

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