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How to Pack a Plastic-Free Picnic

Packing a plastic-free picnic

Summer Solstice marks the official arrival of summer and the longest day of the year. Celebrate the season of sun, fun, and all things outdoors with an eco-friendly picnic. As the weather gets warmer, people will spend more time outside. Picnics are one of the most popular summer activities, whether it’s at the beach, in the mountains, by the lake, or in the park.

The downside to picnics can be harmful to the environment due to the excessive use of single-use disposables like plates, napkins, and cutlery. But it’s easy to have a waste-free picnic and still have a great time with your family and friends without negatively impacting the planet.

Don’t let a picnic be an excuse for single-use plastics. There’s a better way! The great thing about investing in reusables from Marley's Monsters is that it makes picnicking easier than ever, and you might find yourself wanting to do it more. 

Use UNpaper® Towels in place of single-use paper. 
UNpaper® Towels can be used for a variety of tasks beyond cleaning up spills and messes. They can be used as napkins, face wipes, placemats, and towels! Regular paper towels, on the other hand, have limited uses and are not as soft on the skin as cotton flannel UNpaper® Towels. Plus, you can wash them in your normal laundry cycle and roll them back up on a Kraft tube to store just like paper towels.

Ditch wasteful disposables and bring dishes and utensils from home.
Utensil Wrap is the perfect vessel for your utensil arsenal. Pack it with makeup brushes, art supplies, or reusable silverware and set yourself up to say "no thank you" to single-use items on the daily.

Don’t be clingy - Use Bowl & Pan Covers to keep food fresh and pests out.

With Bowl & Pan Covers, you no longer have to worry about bugs invading your food or your salad wilting in the summer heat. The inner lining is a waterproof PUL - a wipeable, food-safe lining that creates a waterproof interior keeping your food fresher, longer. We like to use them to cover foods that need to retain moisture like salads, fruit, and pastas, making them an excellent sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, fitting snugly over your bowls and pans to keep your food fresh. Bowl & Pan Covers come in a range of sizes and patterns, they add a touch of style to your outdoor table setting.

Pack food in reusable containers
It’s tempting to go with off-the-shelf snacks that are pre-packaged and easy. But, your wallet and the planet will thank you if you prepare and pack what you can from home. Reduce packaging and waste by only preparing only what you need. If you’re running short of time, bring a container to your local deli without the need for plastic packaging.  

Keep your food at its freshest with these triple-sealed stainless steel containers. These plastic-free storage options have a triple clamp closure to ensure a tight seal, making them leak-proof! The perfect solution for packing a plastic-free picnic.

Eliminate trash and bring reusable cups or a Glass Tumbler Set.
Elevate any beverage, stay hydrated, and keep condensation at bay with a Glass Tumbler Set

This versatile set can be used with or without the lid and straw, making it perfect for home or on the go. It’s great for a variety of beverages such as water, iced tea, soda, smoothies, lemonade, mocktails, iced coffee, and so much more! 

Bring the fun with Reusable Water Balloons.
Soak, throw, wash, and reuse! Reach for Reusable Water Balloons, the perfect alternative to traditional single-use balloons - all you need is a bucket of water. Made from soft, absorbent materials, these eco-friendly balloons can be reused for countless rounds of water-filled fun. Not only will these reusable water balloons save you from the hassle of picking up countless pieces of balloon debris, but they also promote sustainability by reducing waste. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to a summer filled with eco-conscious joy!

Pack it out! Use a Washable Pail Liner for easy cleanup.
These Washable Pail Liners are water-resistant, washable, and reusable. They are made with PUL fabric with a drawstring that allows them to fit in multiple sizes of pails. The cotton strap on the side gives you the option to use it without a pail. Hang it from a tree while camping, or on a door handle in the laundry room. Great for use with trash, laundry, or soiled reusables. Simply empty out and wash in the washing machine.

Leave it better than you found it!
Dining al fresco is one of the summer's greatest pleasures, and with Marley's Monsters, you can make this experience even better. By choosing our sustainable alternatives, you're not only reducing waste but also adding a touch of style to your outdoor dining experience. So, let's get ready to dine al fresco this summer, making memories while respecting our beautiful planet. Enjoy the summer sunshine, the fresh air, and the joy of eating outdoors with Marley's Monsters.

These are just a few suggestions for making your summer more sustainable. In addition to these, opt for as many reusable alternatives as possible. Ultimately, no one is perfectly sustainable all the time, but by introducing a few simple swaps we can collectively reduce our impact. How else are you celebrating your summer sustainably? Reach out and let us know! We’d love to talk.

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