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Father's Day: A Complete Gift Guide

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Fathers are a pretty important part of our lives. From teaching us valuable life lessons, to even teaching us how to drive, dads are involved in so many aspects of day to day life. So, what kind of gift says “thanks for coming to all my ball games,” or “you build the best living room forts?” Here are some reusable and sustainable gift ideas for the World Number One Dad.

1. Hand Warmers

If your dad loves fishing, hiking, early morning sporting events, or spending time in a chilly shop, then reusable Hand Warmers are the perfect way to keep his hands toasty. The inner pouches are filled with organic flax seeds and made from cotton muslin. The outer flannel sleeve can be removed for washing. They last about 30 minutes once warmed. Just toss it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, or keep in the freezer for burns and scrapes. 

2. Wooden Bottle Opener

It seems like every dad loves to crack open a cold beverage on a Saturday night, so make it easy and sustainable with a Wood Bottle Opener. The handle is made from beautiful beachwood and the head is made out of durable stainless steel.

3. The Stache Pack

UNpaper® Towels are a versatile and sustainable item that can be used in many ways. We just launched The Stache Pack, the perfect UNpaper® Towel roll for the man in your life. Use them for mealtimes, on a camping trip, while working on cars, or when grilling out! They are machine washable and reusable, just toss them in your next load of laundry.

4.  Reusable Coffee Filters

If your dad loves a good brew in the morning, then he certainly needs Reusable Coffee Filters. Available in basket or cone shape, these reusable coffee filters are made with 100% Organic Unbleached Linen and offer a solution to disposable filters. Before first use, we recommend boiling filters for 10 minutes to prepare them for your coffee ritual. To brew, place one Reusable Filter inside the drip coffee cone of your choice, and fill with desired amount of ground coffee. Pour boiling water over the grounds. Empty the grounds from the filter after use, rinse and hang dry. You can store your filter(s) in water in the fridge, or freezer for prolonged freshness. Just boil the filters periodically to clean. If he’s not a coffee drinker, no problem! We also have Reusable Tea Bags, perfect for keeping bleach and glue from traditional tea bags out of his favorite brew.

Pair the filters with a two tablespoon Mango Wood Scoop, the ultimate sustainable coffee essential. Whether he keeps it near the tub to measure bath salts, or uses it to measure the perfect amount of coffee in the morning, you can rest easy because mango wood is sustainable! Mango trees grow to maturity relatively quickly for hardwood, reaching maturity after about 15 years. At this point they begin to produce less fruit, or stop bearing fruit altogether. Mango farmers begin to plant new trees every 7 to 15 years before the older trees become barren. This creates a sustainable cycle of plantation and harvest, with only the less fruitful trees being chopped down for wood. Using mango wood also means that there is less pressure to use more endangered trees such as teak.

5. Reusable Straw and Straw Pouch

Single use plastic straws are so commonplace now that we hardly notice them or how many we use. Plastic pollution is a major problem, especially for marine wildlife as plastic tends to end up in oceans and waterways. Give your dad the gift of sustainability with a Reusable Straw, so he can sip his favorite beverage the eco friendly way. Keep track of reusable straws with a Straw Pouch. Each pouch comes with a removable interior wet bag to keep your dirty straws separate from the clean ones. The wet bag snaps in and out, making it easy to remove and wash.

6. Beautify the Beard

Spoil your dad with sustainable and eco friendly beard care essentials. Beards can be itchy, scratchy and out of control, but they don’t have to be. Help tame an unruly beard with this moisturizing Organic Beard Oil. A fusion of certified organic jojoba, high oleic sunflower and vitamin E oils is scented with an earthy oakmoss absolute and essential oil blend for your dad’s beard-friendly treatment. And, you must pair a comb with every good oil. Try this spiffy, plastic free Beard Brush, sure to please even the most discerning beard. Made from oiled beechwood with extra strong, black wild boar bristles, this mustache shaped brush will get facial hair going in the right direction. Use before or after shaving to groom facial hair. Or, try this Solid Brass Mustache Comb for plastic free styling on the go. Designed by Siren Song, and founded by textile designer Thomas Fernez. Drawn from his personal collection of antique prints and objects, the designs reference everything from antiquities to vintage textiles. 

7. Shave Sustainably

Whether your dad sports a huge beard or just trims a five o’clock shadow, it's amazing how bad for the environment shaving can be. Plastic containers of shaving cream and single use plastic razors contribute to waste and pollution. Luckily, there are several solutions for sustainable shaving, not just for dad, but the whole family! Ditch plastic razors and swap to a Safety Razor. Keep the durable and sturdy metal razor, and just switch out razor blades as they dull. Invest in a Shaving Accessory Kit. This kit offers a minimalist approach to shaving and is "everything but the razor”. The grey bamboo fibre storage box holds an organic, unisex shave bar and a natural loofah disk. Prep your skin for shaving by exfoliating with the loofah first, and store your shave bar in, or on the storage box. 

Try Organic Shave Soap instead of traditional shaving cream. This unisex shaving soap is formulated with coconut oil, castor oil, calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), aloe and extra glycerin to generate a rich lubricated lather plus antiseptic black willow bark and an invigorating eucalyptus essential oil blend. It protects and softens for a close and comfortable shave, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized. Use the 3" round bar with a shaving brush & mug, or lather it directly onto moistened skin. For best results, soften the surface of the soap with a teaspoon of hot water for 10 minutes prior to your lathering regimen. For the best shave, invest in a Shaving Brush and Stand. This plastic free Shaving Brush and Stand is a convenient way to store shaving accessories. The beechwood base of the stand and brush has a solid weight and modern look. The stand features a stainless steel port that holds the shaving brush upside down to allow the brush to fully dry between uses. The boar bristles on the shave brush are soft but strong enough to gather bountiful shaving suds.

Dads give us so much to be thankful for, and although we can never truly repay a lifetime’s worth of love and support, some sustainable gifts might get close. Whether you're gifting a reusable, taking him out to dinner, or just giving him a good long hug, take the time to be sure you celebrate your dad. Save this list of gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas too! Visit our complete Father's Day Collection on our website or mobile app. How else are you celebrating Father’s Day sustainably? Reach out and let us know. We’d love to talk. 

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