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Bulk Bar Explained

In September of 2021, the Marley’s Monsters Eco Shop moved into a new location in Market Alley on 5th Street in Eugene, Oregon. One of the things we were most excited about was launching our bulk bar, a place designed for consumers to buy products in mass in an effort to reduce waste. It’s eco friendly, produces less packaging waste, and is cost effective. We sell goods by weight, usually by the whole ounce, so bring your own container, or choose from one of our glass containers, and refill to your heart’s content over and over. Repurpose an old water bottle, thrift a glass jar, or even bring your current shampoo or conditioner bottle to refill! The options are endless for reusable containers.

While you can find a few of these items on our website, we offer a vast and wider variety of products at the bulk bar, ranging from household supplies and cleaning goods, to ingredients for making your own solutions. Buy a gallon, or just an ounce. Find the perfect amount of the perfect product for you. But, sustainability isn’t just for us, it’s also for our four legged friends! We even carry Pooch Paper Pouches, and refills of Pooch Paper, a plastic free option for cleaning up dog waste. The pouch allows for easy access to the sheets of biodegradable Pooch Paper and has a carabiner to hang from a leash or belt loop. The stainless steel clip is perfect to hold your filled Pooch Paper until you find a trash or compost bin.


For kitchens, find dishwashing powder from Mama Suds that is eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable, as well as an all purpose cleaner concentrate. We also sell Thieves in bulk, so that you can bring your existing bottle in for a refill. If you are interested in making your own soap or cleaning supplies, we sell ingredients in bulk too. For example, castile soap and fractionated coconut oil make a great hand soap. Purchase citric acid in bulk, which is perfect for making cleaning solutions. For bathrooms, find Mama Suds eco friendly toilet bombs that are septic system safe and kill germs without toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals. To use, drop one tab into your toilet and let it completely fizz out for a few minutes. Then, scrub the bowl and flush. Use the bombs within 3 months of purchase for best results.

We also have everything you might ever need for laundry—borax, washing soda, and detergent for laundry stripping (read more here), as well as deseeded soap nuts, a berry that naturally produces a saponifying agent in its shell that can be used as a hand soap, pet shampoo, laundry detergent, and even body wash. Originating from India and Nepal, soap nuts are great for people with sensitive skin, conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and even acne prone skin.

Simply put four to six soap nut shells in an organic mesh bag, and put through your normal wash cycle. Let them air dry before another use, but soap nuts can last you up to five washes and are compostable once you are done with them. There are plenty of other uses for soap nuts, and you can learn about them here. However, if you want a laundry soap that is ready to go, try looking for the laundry powder, Defunkify, from our bulk bar too.



We also carry an assortment of personal items, like non-fluoride toothpaste tabs that reduce plastic waste, and bulk aloe vera and hand sanitizer. We carry bulk liquid shampoo and conditioner, great for any hair type, as well as Pro Terra solid seaweed shampoo and conditioner bars. Find mini soap cubes that are perfect for keeping in a soap saver pouf, that gives you maximum use of your favorite bar soap. The pouf is incredibly sudsy, and handmade in Eugene, Oregon.

We carry several variants of cleansing grains from Urban Oreganics. Cleansing grains are a mild, soap-free daily facial cleanser that washes away dirt and impurities. Composed of gentle raw grains and clay, this natural cleanser exfoliates and protects dry and aging skin. Add a couple drops of water to your organic cleansing grains as part of your daily skin care regimen for soft, clear skin. Our first cleansing grain is Detox, containing gluten free oats, kaolin clay, and activated charcoal, and treats acne, removes dead skin cells, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

The second cleansing grains is Bare, which contains gluten free oats and kaolin clay. The third cleansing grains is Refresh, which contains gluten free oats, organic matcha and quinoa, and french green clay, used as a natural exfoliant and for soothing minor rashes and irritations. Each of these cleansing grains have skin loving ingredients, soothing properties, and are good for all skin types.

One of our other favorite bulk items is dry shampoo from Urban Oreganics. Dry shampoo is a sustainable bathroom staple, as it extends the amount of time between showers. Choose from either a dark or light hair formula, both made with natural and vegan ingredients. The dark formula contains kaolin clay that absorbs dirt and bacteria, arrowroot powder that volumizes hair, and raw cacao powder to ensure blending with dark hair and hides roots. The light formula also contains kaolin clay and arrowroot powder. Apply with a cosmetic brush, or a dry shampoo dispenser, which is our favorite way to apply. This dispenser is the perfect plastic-free alternative to toxic and harmful Aerosol cans and provides even distribution of your formulas. Simply unscrew the lid and pour your preferred Organic Dry Shampoo powder into the jar and use the pump to easily control the application of the powder.

If you want to try to make your own dry shampoo, find arrowroot powder in our bulk bar. It is a gentle and oil absorbing starch, making it easy on scalps. Then, add some of your favorite essential oils for fragrance, and you’re ready for a sustainable morning routine.


Whether you’re looking for sustainable laundry alternatives, or an eco friendly spa night, the Marley’s Monsters Bulk Bar is the perfect place to start looking for products. Bring your favorite jar or bottle, reduce waste, and save money! Do you have any favorite recipes for cleaners or personal care products? We’d love to hear from you!

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