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Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

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Meet the new heroes of your laundry room! This set of 6 dryer balls will reduce drying time, decrease wrinkles and static, soften clothes naturally, keep harmful chemicals off of your family’s laundry, and dryer sheets out of landfills.

The value in these dryer balls goes beyond the money you won’t be spending on dryer sheets, and the savings on each month’s electric bill. They’re an investment in our planet, the family run mill this wool is sourced from, and in the health of your family.

These hand felted wool balls are made with a core of beautiful, freshly carded wool batting from Lancaster County, PA. by Bog Berry Dryer Balls. The colored sets are made with additional wool purchased from an eco-friendly company in Maine.

To Use:

Toss 3-6 dryer balls in your dryer (3 for small loads, more for larger loads). You can add a couple drops of essential oil to them to gently scent your laundry. Reuse again and again!

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