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Sustainable Tips and Tricks

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The world of sustainability is always growing, and new ways to be eco friendly are constantly popping up. Since it’s Plastic Free July, we decided to round up some of our favorite sustainable tips and tricks to help you along the way. Of course, we also support the adage “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but there’s so much more than that! Here are some ways to practice sustainability in multiple areas of your life.


  • Make the swap to LED lights, and unplug electronics when not in use
  • Sign up for emails instead of print materials
  • Try a water saving shower head
  • Swap to a Washable Sponge for plastic free cleaning routine
  • Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Try Bowl Covers to skip plastic wrap
  • Make the swap to UNpaper® Towels and reduce paper waste
  • Try making your own cleaning solutions
  • Find a way to repurpose empty glass jars
  •  Use rechargeable batteries


  • Look for items in bar form, to reduce the amount of plastic bottles in your shower
  • Try a Soap Saver Pouf instead of a plastic loofah to get the max out of your bar soap
  • Opt for reusable period products like a menstrual cup or Moon Pads
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face
  • Try Toilet UNpaper® with a bidet, or for blowing noses
  • Install or upgrade to a dual flush toilet
  • Make the swap from single use cotton items to reusable Facial Rounds for removing makeup


  • Start a composting bin for kitchen scraps and coffee grounds 
  • Try Reusable Water Balloons for an eco friendly summer activity
  • Try growing your own food, or baking your own bread
  • See how many pieces of litter you can pick up on your walks
  • Become a member of a local food co-op
  • Start your own herb garden
  • Capture rainwater by installing a rainwater tank for watering plants


  • Avoid fast fashion by thrifting, buying second hand, and repairing clothing
  • Shop locally, and support your community
  • Use Bento Bags to buy items in bulk when grocery shopping
  • Pick quality products that will last with you for years
  • Take a growler with you to your favorite brewery to avoid single use cans
  • Try to choose items with sustainable packaging 
  • Visit your local farmer’s market for fresh produce
  • Find your local repair shops like tailors, cobblers, tinkerers, and woodworkers to get all of your things repaired

On The Go

  • Take public transportation or carpool when possible
  • Bring a Market Triangle Tote on grocery trips to avoid plastic bags
  • Find sustainable hobbies like upcycling materials, or biking
  • Bring reusable straws in a Straw Pouch
  • Take a trip to the library to borrow the next novel from your reading list
  • Bring reusable bamboo utensils in a Utensil Wrap
  • Carry a reusable coffee cup

Everyone’s sustainability journey looks different; it’s all about making swaps or simple lifestyle changes where you can! Of course, the best way to be sustainable is to use what you already have. But when it comes time to restock on shampoo and conditioner, buy a new shirt, or run some weekly errands, this list can be a helpful place to start. Plastic Free July is a fun way to partake in sustainability with a community of people, but true sustainability is practiced year round. What else would you add to this list? Reach out and let us know! We’d love to talk.

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