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Show Love the Eco-Friendly Way; Zero Waste Valentine's Gifts

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Guest Blog by Jessicka Nebensi of Mountain Rose Herbs.

How to Show Love in an Eco-Friendly and Practical Way

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day has become a highly commercialized holiday that leaves literal tons of waste in its wake. Boxes of chocolate, flowers in plastic wrap, and those not-so-tasty heart candies are among some of the biggest culprits. As we aim to live a greener life and reduce our footprint, we may want to also encompass this into the way we give and receive gifts. 

Here are 3 creative and thoughtful ways to ditch the waste and give your sweetheart (and/or yourself), a personalized and practical gift this Valentine’s Day.

Gift for the Self-Care Enthusiast

Gifting your beloved with the tools they need to care for themselves every day sends a message of true caring and long-lasting love. This homemade skin-loving facial serum recipe is perfectly paired with reusable facial rounds. I’d recommend gifting the Facial Rounds and mesh laundry bag set, so you’re giving your partner everything they need to enjoy your thoughtfulness. 

DIY Facial Serum Recipe
Makes about 2 ounces



  1. Combine all ingredients in a 2 ounce cobalt bottle with serum dispensing top
  2. Label your bottle with the name, a sweet message and the ingredient list. This serum does not need to be refrigerated and should keep for several months if properly stored.

Alternative: If DIY just isn’t your thing, or you have run out of time, you can also create an in-home spa experience by pairing a premade herbal facial kit with this ultra-plush and soft Bamboo Face Cloth

Gifts for the Adventurer:

Pack up a Marley’s Monsters Bento Bag with some homemade treats and head for the hills! There is nothing like a surprise trip to the woods, especially when lunch is already prepared and everything else is taken care of. (I hope my partner is reading this.) The bags are the perfect size to pack some sandwiches, homemade sweet and spicy caramel corn, AND these homemade Paleo Ashwagandha Energy Bites for dessert. 

Pro Tip: After lunch, create a wildcrafted bouquet together and use the Sandwich Wraps to protect the stems. Talk about sustainable romance!

Lover’s Delight Massage Oil (with complimentary massage, of course!)

Makes 1/2 cup of massage oil.


Directions to Make

  1. Combine all essential oils in a glass bottle. 
  2. Add jojoba oil then roll bottle between palms to blend oils.

Directions to Use:

  1. Heat water in a pot and safely place in location you will be massaging. 
  2. Add a plush Bamboo Face Cloth and let soak, leaving the lid on to contain the heat.
  3. Shake bottle of homemade massage oil and pour into hands. 
  4. Rub hands together to warm the oil.
  5. Massage your beloved.
  6. When done, test to make sure the cloth is still warm, but not too hot.
  7. Ring out the excess water from the cloth and wipe down the area being massaged. 

We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones, or expressing self-love. Remember that holidays aren't the only time to spread the love. Every day is an opportunity to share gratitude and make sustainable choices. 

Thank you for considering green alternatives for this day of appreciation. 💚

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