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Go Green Gift-Giving, Made Easy


While the holidays have always seen a jump in consumer spending, studies have shown that American impulse buying has only continued to increase. In 2022, Americans were spending $314 per month on impulse purchases, up from $183 in 2020. The second-hand market is similarly increasing. Secondhand stores are swamped with cheap goods and fast fashion. Many items end up going to landfills here or in other countries. In other words, buying the trending gift isn’t good for your wallet or the planet. Really, who needs another tchotchke or holiday sweater, anyway? 

But gift-giving isn’t a habit you need to give up. After all, according to psychologists, gift-giving is related to the innate human need to connect to others. Meaningful gifts communicate the importance of your shared relationship. What’s more significant than helping loved ones care for the planet? 

Where do you start? Marley’s Monsters has put together three bundles to jump-start anyone’s sustainable lifestyle. Each kit tackles one aspect of everyday life: cooking and dining, beauty, and home. There’s no need to figure out what to buy–Marley’s Monsters has done it for you. 


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For the Entertainer, the Busy Mom, or the Foodie: 

Cooking can be a necessity and a joy. Similarly, eating is not only a human need but also a chance to socialize. However, you tackle eating and entertaining, cleaning up is a given. How can you make this chore of life sustainable? Marley’s Monsters Sustainable Kitchen & Dining Starter kit is a great place to start. 

From big messes to small, Marley’s Monsters Rolled UNpaper® Towels gets the job done great. These tried and true cotton flannel towels get even better after a few washes. While absorbency is key for any towel, their stylish patterns also make them easy on the eyes. 

Dishes are just a fact of life. Marley’s Monsters Washable Sponge makes this inevitable task more environmentally friendly. The sponge combines a terry cloth with a cotton flannel & mesh scrubby one. The interior foam is mildew resistant and washable. The stylish graphic pattern makes these a step above the old disposable sponge.  

Finally, kitchen work isn’t just chores. This bundle includes a Telescoping Straw. Plastic straws are a disaster for our seas, and paper straws just don’t do the job that well. This durable stainless steel straw will withstand years of sodas and glasses of milk. Attach it to your purse with the built-in carabiner and say “no” to single-use disposable straws wherever you go. 

For the Working Woman, Fashionista, or Teen: 

Looking good doesn’t need to be bad for the environment. Marley’s Monsters Sustainable Bath and Beauty Starter Kit help you kick the disposable habit without losing your look. 

Make-up is an everyday essential for many people, but beauty culture is often associated with many disposable products. Have you ever counted how many disposable cotton rounds you go through in a month? You probably use them to remove your foundation, apply toner and serums, and to scrub off facial masks. That’s a lot of rounds going in the trash! Marley’s Monsters Facial Rounds are reusable and durable. They’ll help you save waste and dollars. Plus, they’re a great substitute for cotton balls. 

Marley’s Monsters Cloth Wipes are versatile. Soak them in a solution of equal parts witch hazel and water to make your own makeup wipes. You can also use them as tissues. They can be dipped in cold water to make a compress or in hot water to open your pores. Although they are perfectly used in your beauty routine, they can also be a substitute for baby wipes. 

When you purchase fewer items, you can really invest in quality products. Wearing beautiful undergarments can be an affordable luxury. Marley’s Monsters Laundry Bag can be used to corral all that lovely lingerie to give it a wash. The laundry bag is also useful when you’re washing all your Marley’s Monsters facial rounds and cloth wipes.  

For the Lifestyle Aficionado, Homebody, or Neatnik: 

A healthy, clean home often feels hard to keep. Part of the frustration with keeping the house clean might come with the tools you’re using. Disposable cleaning products are often flimsy and expensive. This is when durable, reliable products are particularly important. The Marley’s Monsters Home and Living Starter Kit will keep your home in tip-top shape for years to come. 

Much of household cleaning can be handled with two powerhouse tools from Marley’s Monsters: All Purpose Towels and Cleaning Cloths. All Purpose Towels are useful for everyday messes, from wiping down counters to drying dishes. The Cleaning Cloth has the power of a scrubbier  woven surface, which is ideal to use for more stubborn messes. The Cleaning Cloth can also be used as a mop head attachment. 

Dusting can feel like just one more thing to add to the list, but it serves an important health purpose. Dust related issues like asthma and rhinitis have been rising for decades. Marley’s Monsters Washable Duster helps you keep those dust mites in check. Marley’s Monsters Washable Duster is made from multiple layers of flannel and ivory-color fleece. Plus unlike feather dusters, this one can be thrown in the wash. 

With these bundles, anyone on your list can transform a part of their everyday life. They’ll think of you while they take care of the planet. Plus you have the comfort of knowing you’ve given quality presents to your loved ones. All in all, plenty of gifts worth giving. 

Happy Holidays from Marley’s Monsters!

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