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Sip, Savor, and Swap Sustainably: How to Host A Book Themed Girl Dinner this Fall

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“I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
— L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

We’ve had our fun in the sun and the return of fall is here! Cozy knits and light jackets are beginning to make their debuts, and we’re busy busting out the boot collection as we slowly but surely stow our summer wardrobes away. Warmer weather and longer days have started to dwindle - but don’t let that get in the way of enjoying all that fall has to offer. It’s time to recoup from our summer adventures and head inside to cozy up and slow down. While we all love reading a summer thriller while brunching by the beach, fall is the perfect time to revive and revisit your reading list while planning to stay social and connected with hosted dinners inspired by the season.

In this blog, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 books we’d recommend reading this fall to inspire sustainability in your daily life. But before you go adding to cart, consider checking out our ideas on how to read more sustainably – Plus some friendly tips for creating your dream reading nook, and hosting themed girl dinners, book-sharing style.

Top 10 Sustainable Reads to Add to Your List or Coffee Table this Fall

From sustainable fashion to picturesque global travel destinations, these books will expand your world and knowledge about living stylishly and sustainably. Tip: Ask your locally owned bookstore or scour secondhand for these titles to find and enjoy these reads while practicing a low-waste lifestyle. You can find pre-loved books at thrift stores, online marketplaces, or in dedicated used bookstores.
  1. Pacific Natural: Simple Seasonal Entertaining by Jenni Kayne
  2. A Place To Call Home by Gil Schafer III
  3. 100 Hikes Of A Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails by Kate Siber
  4. The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good by Elizabeth L. Cline
  5. The Overstory by Richard Powers
  6. The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life by Joshua Becker
  7. Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment by Maxine Bédat
  8. Treasured Lands By QT Luong
  9. Sustainable Home by Christine Liu
  10. Modern Mending: How to Minimize Waste & Maximize Style by Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Encourage Book Sharing with a Fall Girl Dinner

Before hitting check out on your book club’s book of the month, find out ways you can expand your library, sustainably. Not only does book sharing let you share your favorites with your closest circle of friends or family, but it expands the lifespan of books and helps reduce the demand for new printings. Pair local seasonal food and wine for the ultimate fall experience!

Select Sustainable Food and Wine Options

Choose locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients for your menu. Emphasize plant-based dishes as they generally have a lower environmental impact than meat. Pair these dishes with sustainable and preferably locally produced wines. Research wineries that follow eco-friendly practices and offer organic or biodynamic wines. This choice not only supports sustainable agriculture but also provides guests with a unique tasting experience. Our UNpaper® Towels "Enchantment" 12-pack offers the perfect decor and easy clean-up for your perfect pairings.

Book Swap or Library Theme

Encourage guests to bring books they've already read and are willing to swap or donate. You can set up a "book exchange" station where attendees can choose new reads while sharing their old ones. Alternatively, you can give the event a cozy library ambiance with bookshelves and reading nooks, where everyone can borrow books for the evening.

Embrace the Farm-to-Table Concept

Partner with local farmers or farmers' markets to obtain fresh, seasonal produce for your dinner. Make an effort to minimize food waste by planning portion sizes carefully and composting any food scraps. Highlight the origins of the ingredients by sharing their stories with your guests, emphasizing the connection between the meal and local sustainability efforts.

Wine Tasting and Education

If you plan to feature wine pairings, consider hiring a local sommelier or wine expert to guide a wine-tasting session. This expert can explain the sustainability practices of the wineries and educate guests on how to choose eco-friendly wines in the future. Provide tasting notes and wine information that guests can take home as a reference. Don't forget the Linen Napkins for your guests.

Invitations and Decor

Send out digital invitations to reduce paper waste. When decorating the venue, opt for natural and reusable elements. Use autumn leaves, pinecones, and seasonal flowers for table centerpieces. Consider DIY decorations made from recycled materials or borrow decor items from friends to minimize waste. Of course, you can add some finesse with one of our Kitchen Tea Towels, whether you're looking for something seasonal or the everyday.


Create Cozy with a Fall Reading Nook

Creating a dedicated reading space in your home can be as simple as adding a chair and a light in a corner that goes otherwise unused. Here are a few ways to make your fall reading nook without having to build or buy much. Who doesn’t love an elegant DIY?

Add ambient lighting

Ditch overhead lighting and snuggle up with your latest read next to ambient light for a warmer environment. Adding uplighting, or floor lighting, can create a comforting ambiance without running up electricity usage. Consider adding battery or solar-powered twinkle lights to your space or simply updating an existing lamp with an energy-efficient bulb.

Vintage or secondhand furniture finds

There are many ways to repurpose a piece of pre-loved furniture to add to your reading nook. Upcycling furniture is a growing trend and helps keep reading nook accessories, such as footstools, rocking chairs, or bookshelves, from ever heading to the landfill. Consider switching out upholstery or refinishing wood to bring older furniture finds to life.

Low-light plants bring the outside in

Not only do they purify the air around you, but greenery adds life to an otherwise lifeless season during the heart of winter. Low-light plants like snake plants, ZZ plants, spider plants, pothos, and bamboo can help enhance your reading area for the winter season.

The Beauty of Slowing Down

With these suggested reads to inspire sustainability and book-sharing dinner-hosting ideas, we hope you stay connected to the beauty of slowing down this season. So grab your favorite book from our sustainable reading list, cozy up in your newly created reading nook, and let the magic of fall envelop you.

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