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Eco Friendly Pet Products

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As humans, we have a major impact on the health of the planet and the environment. How we deal with waste, pollution, and our carbon footprint is important. At Marley’s Monsters, we do our best to promote sustainability, incorporating reusables into everyday life, and finding low waste and plastic free alternatives to daily items. But, sustainability isn’t just for us, it’s also for our four legged friends! Here are a few eco-friendly pet products that are perfect for caring for your fur baby and the environment. 

1. Dog Wash Bar

Our dogs are often the most important thing in our lives, but pooches don’t need plastic packaging. Instead, try a Dog Wash Bar. This pure & natural dog shampoo bar from 'A Wild Soap Bar' is enriched with organic aloe and oats to soothe the skin. It contains essential oils to freshen the coat & help repel insects, and calcium bentonite clay for a deep clean, leaving the coat soft, shiny, and smelling great. Great for dogs with sensitive skin too. To use, simply wet the dog's coat thoroughly, build up lather by rubbing the bar all over, avoiding eye area and inside ears. Scrub gently with fingertips until dirt and grime is loosened, and rinse thoroughly. Use bi-weekly, or as needed.

2. Vegan Stain Stick

Stains happen, especially on days you wear whites and khakis. Our pups play in the dirt and run through the house, so a sustainable stain remover is essential. Instead of a plastic bottle of stain remover, try a Vegan Stain Stick. This stain remover is an excellent and economical pre-treatment for stains that really works. This solid, zero-waste addition to your laundry routine can help prolong the life of your favorite fabric items, without plastic packaging. To use, just moisten the stain bar and gently rub into the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. Once the stained area is treated, simply wash as usual with your usual detergent.

3. UNpaper® Towels 

Animals make messes, that’s just part of being a pet parent. Paper towels seem like the go to answer, but they contribute to deforestation and carbon emissions, plus they require excessive amounts of water to produce. Instead, when cleaning up a pet spill, reach for UNpaper® Towels, the sustainable alternative to traditional paper towels. We recommend designating a few specifically for pet messes and tough jobs, or choose specific custom prints or solids for the types of messes they clean up. They are washable and reusable, simply add to your next load of laundry. You may even want to introduce a vinegar soak into rotation for tough jobs, messes, or stains. They naturally cling together and easily roll onto a kraft tube for storage. Until laundry day, store used towels in a Wet Bag, complete with a waterproof PUL lining for easy cleaning and to protect against leaks. 

4. Lint Brush

Sometimes it's a constant battle to keep animals off the furniture, and shedding is something you just have to be okay with as a pet owner. Reach for a Lint Brush instead of single use lint rollers. This lint brush features hand-­mounted rubber bristles that absorb static charge when rubbed on sweaters. The bristles attract hair, lint and dust like a magnet. The lint it catches can easily be removed under running water. It easily removes animal hair and dandruff by rubbing the brush on clothing or furniture.

5. Pooch Paper

Walking your dog is a requirement, but we can all agree it’s no fun picking up after them. Make your evening strolls more sustainable with Pooch Paper, the perfect alternative for plastic dog bags. Made in the USA, Pooch Paper is a recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper. Pooch Paper sheets are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are manufactured using renewable energy. The grease-resistant coating is made during the pulp drying process to ensure your doggie’s doodie remains inside the paper and not on your hand! Each box contains a one month supply (50 sheets) of single-use dog waste sheets that can be discarded in any refuse container and composted in any composting process.

6. Pooch Paper Pouch

We were so thrilled to discover Pooch Paper, that we developed a handy carrying pouch to store the papers while on-the-go. Our Pooch Paper Pouch allows for easy access to the sheets of Pooch Paper and has a carabiner to hang from a leash or belt loop. The stainless steel clip is perfect to hold your filled Pooch Paper until you find a trash or compost bin. To refill the pouch, lay the pouch flat and slip Pooch Papers in the open middle slot. When the pouch is folded in half, you can use the elastic strap to hold it together either open (for easier access) or closed. You can find pooch paper and pooch paper pouches on our website, or at our Eco Shop in 5th Street Public Market’s Market Alley in Eugene, Oregon.

There are endless ways to practice sustainability in your daily life, these are just a few ideas. No matter the family member, furry or not, there’s something reusable out there for them. Now you can rest easy and enjoy puppy kisses knowing your pet is as sustainable as possible! What other ways do you practice sustainability with your animals? Reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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