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Celebrating Earth Day 2022

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It has certainly been a wild few years as the COVID-19 Pandemic has rocked the world. But, at Marley’s Monsters, we’ve still been working hard to ensure you have access to the best sustainable products one can find. We believe in making simple swaps as you go, and that awareness and education are an important part of the sustainability journey. We also believe that living sustainably shouldn’t be boring or plain, so we offer over 70 prints to choose from so that you can keep your unique personality and style! There is no such thing as perfect sustainability, so no matter where you are in your sustainability journey, there is always something new to learn or try. As we celebrate the Earth this April, join us in investing in the planet by implementing some of these sustainable tips, and see just how far even the smallest of actions can go.

1. Practice a More Sustainable Laundry Routine

Skip the dry cleaners and invest in an energy efficient laundry machine that significantly reduces its electricity usage and water consumption. Try to wear clothes as many times as possible before washing, and always wash a full load. Store your reusable dirties in an organic mesh laundry bag, and toss the whole thing in the washer to keep your items together. Try swapping to a chemical free laundry soap that’s better for skin and the environment. Or, nix the plastic detergent bottles all together and opt for laundry sheets. Also, make the swap to wool dryer balls, that reduce drying time, decrease wrinkles and static, soften clothes naturally, keep harmful chemicals off of your family’s laundry, and dryer sheets out of landfills. Toss 3-6 dryer balls in your dryer depending on the size of your load. You can add a couple drops of essential oil to them to gently scent your laundry. Or, reduce your energy use even more by hang drying your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack! Find even more ways to make laundry days sustainable here.

2. Make Simple and Sustainable Swaps

There are far more ways to live sustainably than you might think. In fact, there’s several sustainable alternatives for every room of your house! In the kitchen, make the swap to a Washable Sponge. Traditional kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, and are full of micro-plastics that inevitably end up at landfills. The Washable Sponge is reusable, and easy to care for. When it’s ready for a deep clean of its own, simply add it to the dishwasher or your next load of laundry. Another kitchen staple is paper towels. But, traditional paper towels require a lot of water to produce and are often bleached for cosmetic reasons. Try UNpaper® Towels instead. They’re reusable, super absorbent, washable, and come in a variety of fun prints and colors. Download our Mobile App to Build Your Own Pack of UNpaper® Towels, and fully customize your roll to suit your decor. 

In the bathroom, try reusable Facial Rounds, the perfect sustainable alternative to single use cotton balls or pads. They’re free from harsh chemicals, very soft on skin, and reusable. As well, invest in Toilet UNpaper®. Much like paper towels, traditional toilet paper production is bad for the environment. Save money and precious closet space by swapping to Toilet UNpaper®. It pairs wonderfully with a bidet, and can be stored in a Wet Bag until laundry day. Our Wet Bags are finished with a waterproof PUL lining to avoid leaks and makes for easy clean up. 

For other living spaces, try a Washable Duster. This duster is made from multiple layers of dust seeking flannel and fleece. Duster tendrils will curl after washing to make the collection of dust more effective. To wash, remove the duster from the custom made wood handle and slide back on once dry. However, don’t be so quick to toss your preexisting plastic duster handle. The washable duster head will fit on some standard plastic handles. One way we reduce waste at Marley’s Monsters is reusing fabric scraps. Made on our felt loom out of fabric scraps, Felted Mop Pads are the perfect alternative to single use disposable mop head sheets. We felt multiple layers of cotton flannel together to create a versatile mopping accessory. The thick cotton middle is super absorbent and the single ply flaps on both sides can clip into most standard size mop heads. Use wet or dry, then, toss in your next load of laundry, and reuse! Visit our blog to find more tips for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

3. Buy Bulk and BYOB

Bring your own bag. This may be one of the easiest places to start your sustainability journey. Store a Market Triangle Tote in your trunk for grocery shopping or Farmer’s Markets. They’re large enough to fit plenty of groceries and sturdy enough to support all your favorite goodies. As well, when buying dry goods, try to buy in bulk and skip the single use plastic bags. Opt for organic unbleached cotton Japanese style Bento Bags, secured with a tie closure. They’re the perfect alternative for storing bulk items like beans, flour, or pasta. If you’re local, stop by our Eco-Shop and visit our bulk bar. We sell goods by weight, usually by the whole ounce, so bring your own container, or choose from one of our glass containers, and refill to your heart’s content over and over. Repurpose an old water bottle, thrift a glass jar, or even bring your current shampoo or conditioner bottle to refill! Then, find things like dish powder, cleansing grains, and materials for making soaps and lotions. Learn more about our Bulk Bar here. If you don’t live in the Eugene area, look for a Refill or Bulk Store near you! They’re eco friendly, produce less packaging waste, and are cost effective. Most major cities are starting to see places like this pop up.

4. Pack a Picnic and Spend Time Outside

Don’t spend all of your time indoors! We are celebrating the Earth, after all. Gather your family or friends, pack a sustainable picnic, and hit your favorite park! Get your dose of Vitamin D and simply spend some time thanking the Earth for all it’s done for us. Then enjoy your sustainable picnic. Bring your bamboo utensils in a Utensil Wrap, the perfect way to bring reusable silverware wherever you go! It’s filled with pockets for your items, and is complete with a food safe and waterproof PUL lined pocket to store dirties. And don’t forget your Reusable Straw and Straw Pouch! Each pouch comes with a removable interior wet bag to keep your dirty straws separate from the clean ones. The wet bag snaps in and out, making it easy to remove and wash. Ditch plastic wrap and aluminum foil by storing your leftovers with a Pan or Bowl Cover. Our Pan and Bowl Covers feature a waterproof, food safe PUL lining and a toggle cord stop and drawstring to close over your plate or bowl. Unlike elastic, this provides more flexible sizing and a tighter fit for each container size.

This is just the beginning of celebrating Earth Day. However, we don’t just love the Earth in April. There are truly endless ways to invest in the planet and incorporate sustainability into your life year round! Switch to paperless billing, don’t litter, conserve water, thrift, avoid fast fashion, try your hand at composting, take public transportation, and support local businesses. The list goes on! Wherever you fall on the sustainability meter, there are plenty of products, lifestyle changes, and mindsets to adopt. Awareness is the first step. You’re already there! So, join us in celebrating this good, green Earth, and let us know what other ways you are celebrating this month! We’d love to talk.

Learn more at earthday.org

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